Sending a mail merge with a delay between messages

Learn how to add a number of seconds delay between each generated message in a mail merge.

Open advanced options

Toggle advanced options

In the campaign manager select the link titled "Show advanced campaign features" to open the advanced options.

Options: Seconds delay between msgs

This will add a number of seconds delay in between each message. This is useful if you want to avoid being flagged as spam by the recipient's email provider. The default is 0 seconds. Each message will appear in your "Drafts" folder when it has been generated, but it will be sent on the schedule defined by the delay you set.

Your Outlook does not have to be open for the messages to be sent once the generation has finished.

Maximum value

The maximum delay that can be set between messages is 10 minutes (600 seconds).


The delay is unfortunately not visible in Outlook to verify that it is working, you can only verify by sending yourself a test message and checking the time between messages.

Note: This feature will NOT apply test emails. Test emails will be sent immediately.