The advanced mail merge plugin for Outlook 365

Send mail merges with individual attachments, cc and bcc, add fallback values and do it all without compromising your IT's data security rules*.

* Achieves the same regulatory compliance your own organisation already has by processing data only inside your own computer. No third party servers to worry about. Access to source code is available on request.

Sending mail merge with attachments from Outlook

Mail Merge with Microsoft 365 inside Outlook

No more juggling multiple tools to
send email campaigns from Outlook.

Send tailored emails to a curated list of contacts from your personal email address using a modern interface built right into Outlook. Advanced features at your finger tips instead of cumbersome word mail merge reminiscent of the nineties.

Send from your Microsoft 365 account
All emails look like you sent them personally. That means better deliverability and higher response rates. Better results, faster.
Send to a Spreadsheet.
Many spreadsheet types are supported: Excel, CSV, TXT, Numbers, OpenDocument, Works, HTML tables, Quattro Pro, Lotus...

Learn how to: Send to a Spreadsheet.
Send to Contacts.
Select recipients from your personal or shared address book and send campaigns including their personal information like name, company or department.

Learn how to: Send to Contacts.
Any message or attachment size.
Send a large file, a long message, a video or add as many images as you want. We don't limit your creativity or business needs.
Add invididual attachments.
Do you need to add a personal invoice, custom report or add a unique attachment per recipient. No problem, add a column with the filenames to your spreadsheet and upload the files.

Learn how to: Add invididual attachments.
Send many-to-one.
Do you need to send multiple rows to the same recipient? We support that too. Just activate the many-to-one mode and we will take care of the rest.

Learn how to: Send many-to-one.
Send up to 10000 emails per day.
You need to get the message out today? Send out as many emails as your Microsoft 365 account will support. No limits on any of our plans.
Personalize the emails.
Use cells from your spreadsheet or contact details to make your emails feel personal to your recipients.

Learn how to: Personalize the emails.
Use rich formatting options.
Add tables, signatures, images or anything else you're used to from Outlook. Use all of Excel's text formatting options.
Send with common Outlook features
like read receipts and high importance

Learn how to: Send with common Outlook features
Send with CC and BCC recipients
with individual values for each email

Learn how to: Send with CC and BCC recipients
Send as an alias.
If your Microsoft 365 is setup to let you send as an email alias, you can now use that to send mail merge campaigns.
Works on Windows, Mac and Web.
SecureMailMerge is a modern Office plugin and therefore works on all platforms that support Outlook. Finally you can mail merge from your browsers without installing Word or Excel.
Sending mail merge with attachments from OutlookSending mail merge with attachments from Outlook
Sending mail merge with attachments from OutlookSending mail merge with attachments from Outlook
Sending mail merge with attachments from Outlook

Get the job done, secure and fast.

IT departments love SecureMailMerge because it is easy to use and secure by default.
You will love it because you'll be able to get your job done faster.


Campaigns are generated inside Outlook, no data sent to any servers for processing.

Other email marketing services require you to upload your customer data to their servers to generate your emails. That's a security risk and great leap of faith you put on them, their team and their infrastructure.

Sending to the max

No restrictions on number of emails or size of attachments. The full capacity of Microsoft 365.

Instead of arbitary limits we just let you send whatever you organisation's mailbox lets. In general that means you can send up to 10000 emails per day which is the default Microsoft 365 limit.

Full Control

Pause, resume or cancel campaigns sending at any time. Always know what is going on.

Need to restart your computer, change rooms and lose internet connectivity or just want a lunch break? No problem, you can resume sending a campaign simply by starting the add-in again and pick up where you left off.

Get started today with SecureMailMerge

Get started today

Save time instead of patching together different tools and get the results your business deserves all while keeping your data safe.

Install for free from Microsoft AppSource

What are the benefits over traditional mail merge?

In a nutshell: Modern interface and more advanced features but still secure.

Easier to set up, just a few clicks

You want to get the job done, not waste time making sure everything works together. People around the world find it difficult to set up a mail merge in Outlook and Word. Especially if they're not familiar with the process.

More customization options and advanced features

The mail merge features in Office are decades old and haven't been updated with features you have now come to expect from such a tool. It's just plain frustrating when you want the tool prevents you from doing something you know it should be able to do.

Formatting like a professional

Ever received an email where the mail merge fields have a different font to the rest of the email? SecureMailMerge uses simple text tags that ensure the formatting is spot on. And you can test your email to your heart's content to make sure it looks great before you send it to everyone.

Simple pricing, for everyone.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, our software will work well for you.

Non-commercial use

If you just need to send out a bunch of emails quickly


  • All features for unlimited campaigns*
  • Send for free with our promotional footer
Download for free

Commercial use

For professional users and companies that want to reach their audience

$10per month and user

  • All features for unlimited campaigns*
  • Send without our promotional footer
  • Pay via Credit Card / PayPal or your Microsoft 365 subscription
Purchase license

Prices are excluding applicable taxes which will be added on checkout.

*SecureMailMerge has no restrictions on the number of campaigns, emails or attachments,

but Microsoft 365 or your organisation may impose limits.

Is SecureMailMerge right for me?

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