Know how directly from the Microsoft 365 mail merge experts

How to avoid emails going into spam

SecureMailMerge uses your Microsoft 365 mailbox to send emails, therefore Microsoft takes care of the technical infrastructure required to avoid the spam folder. If you are still landing in junk folders it comes down to the amount of sending you are doing, the content of your email or sending to an email list that does not want your emails.

Top 3 reasons for your emails going into a spam folder

These are the three main reasons we see after processing millions of emails through mail merge.

Reason 1: Amount of Sending

Do not suddenly start sending hundreds of emails per day from a brand new mailbox. New emali addresses need to build trust. While creating a new mailbox for email outreach may be a good idea to seperate it from your personal account if something goes wrong, you should slowly built the trust. Send small batches of emails to a trusted list of people and increase the amount slowly observing how people are reacting.

If a new email address starts sending a lot of emails then spam reports by just a few users will trigger an larger spam reaction than if you have

Reason 2: Content of your Email

You should avoid the following three things to make your your email does not feel spam-my both to automated technical systems and human recipients.

  • Subject lines with numbers, capital letters, incorrect prononuciation
  • Emails with just a single image instead of text
  • Common words used in spam emails

Use a tool like this to check your email against common spam filters before you send it to your list.

Reason 3: Your recipients do not want your email

Make sure your email list is warm and you are sending emails relevant to them. That means recipients have opted-in to receive emails from you recently on the topic you are sending.

  • Use the industry standard double opt-in mechanism: You obtain permission from the recipient before emailing them a confirmation email to verify their subscription.

  • Make sure to segment your email list correctly based on the topic you are sending: Target specific groups instead of sending the same email to everyone, and create concise subject lines and relevant email content.

  • Regularly cleanse and update your email list: Remove inactive or bounced email addresses and regularly review and refresh your list to optimize effectiveness

You should never purchase or rent an email address or scrape websites for email addresses. Not only is this illegal in many countries, but in the worst case you have a spam trap email in the list without knowing it that will immediately block your email address from most of the email servers.

Some general tips to engage users and therefore avoid being reported as junk mail

  1. Provide a genuine reply-to address: Use a reply-to address that encourages interaction and configure your account to send campaigns from your own business domain to demonstrate authenticity.

  2. Optimize email design and mobile display: Use a responsive design, keep emails visually clean, and ensure mobile-friendly display to enhance user experience and engagement.

  3. Manage Unsubscribes and complaints promptly: Respect unsubscribe requests, pay attention to feedback loops, and promptly address any issues or concerns raised by recipients.